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1 Bedroom / 1 Bath / Loft
399 Sq Ft – 12×35
Excellent Financing Options Available

Check out our favorite park model home. The bright decor and vaulted ceilings make this home a must-see. The spacious loft looks down over a modern kitchen featuring stainless steel appliances. The Summit brings some Florida style to the great State of Texas. Huge vaulted ceilings with optional ship-lap accents provide a taste of the tropics.  The modern kitchen with a dining bar has a direct view of the optional bay window. A huge built-in entertainment center and ample storage is the focal point of the designated living area.

The built-in entertainment center has plenty of room for your large-screen television and is pre-wired for cable or satellite.

Even though the home is tiny, there is plenty of space for your family to visit. Add a bed to the loft and they can even stay the night!

Summit tiny home exterior

floor plan of The Summit

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